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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yes, LEGS!

Wow, amazing leg workout today!  For the last month or so I've been employing the "pre-exhaust" theory for my legs (specifically, my glutes) and it's definitely been kicking my butt! (Pun definitely intended lol)  Usually when you order a workout, you start with your biggest muscle groups then work your way to the smallest, to avoid fatiguing the smaller ones before you're done your workout.  The Pre-Exhaust theory is that you do the reverse of this.  The idea here is that you really torch the smaller muscle you're targeting, thereby creating greater gains in the end (the more you break it down, the more it has to repair itself.  And of course we all know that the muscle grows when it repairs).  Now, this isn't a technique beginners should use; it's more for intermediate-advanced level people.  But I think it's a really great way to shake up your routine at the gym!

Here's a sample of what I've been doing:
Warmup squats with medium weight
Superset 1 cable kickbacks, weighted step-ups (alternate legs so you do both exercises with one leg, then move on to the other leg, and keep switching back-and-forth)
Superset 2 one-legged bridges on a bosu ball, lying abductor lifts, stationary lunges (alternating legs again)
Superset 3 hamstring curl, walking lunges
Finish with calves

If there are any trainers reading this blog, I'd be interested to get your feedback on this - what do you think?

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