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About Me

Hi! My name is Tess and to say I am a fitness enthusiast is putting it lightly. I love learning, reading, writing, talking, teaching, and especially love DOING anything fitness-related; weight-lifting, walking, running (when I'm not injured), yoga, and practicing karate top the list.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have parents who supported my every fleeting interest.  I tried skating, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, track and field, jazz, and ballet. Finally, I settled on karate. Karate taught me to be confident and proud; more importantly, it made me feel empowered and strong.  Shortly after I turned 18, I earned my black belt.  When I got to university, there were no dojos that practiced my style, so I had to find a new outlet for my energy.  I went to the gym, and immediately fell in love with it; it gave me the same sense of empowerment that karate did, and I got great results! I lost all of my freshman weight and then some within a couple months of starting! 

As I began working out more, I became curious about exercises I'd see others doing, what the proper technique for a movement was, and how I could really maximize my results.  I asked friends, I read magazines, searched on-line, and talked to gym attendants and trainers.  I learned so much, and the more I learned, the more I loved it!  Exercise is a science whereby if you do x, your body will respond with y.  But it's also an art where developing individualized programs and breaking through plateaus requires creativity and style.  Very soon, an interest turned into a passion, and that passion became a lifestyle.  So I became certified as a Personal Trainer. 

Now, a couple years later, I've become very interested in the other half of the fitness equation: nutrition.  I hope to take a nutrition course very soon so I can add it to my list of credentials.  I've already added running and yoga to my list of activities, and I have no plans of stopping there. I WILL go rock climbing some day!

I recently entered my first fitness competition (IDFA Ottawa-Gatineau Classic 2010) in an effort to bring my physique to the next level, and also to create a platform from which I could launch a future career in the fitness industry.  (My dream is to become a sort of freelance personal trainer/nutritionist, and eventually to open a gym with my friend Jess.)  I placed 2nd in both my categories (fitness and figure)! It was amazing to watch my body transform, and to find out how far I was able to push myself physically and mentally.  It was a challenging experience, and I am so much stronger and more grounded because of it.  Plus, holding those trophies was pretty damn gratifying :) 
My second competition will come full circle as I'll be entering the same categories through the same organization... on the same date this year!  

This blog will chronicle the ups and downs, diets and workouts, and daily grind in my journey toward improving my physique, performance, and hopefully placement in my second competition.  It'll be interesting to see what new challenges these goals will bring, and I'm excited to share my experience with you.

Be happy, be healthy, and be strong.