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Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Blog Alert!

Exciting things are happening....

I first got into blogging because one of my best friends, Jess, had a blog of her own and I absolutely loved reading about her daily adventures in vegetarian cooking.  I've always loved writing, and thought to myself  "I can do that too!", so I did.

Jess and I are very alike and very different at the same time.  We are both athletes, we both love to cook, we value our health, love the outdoors,  and we both love each other :)  But our training and diets couldn't be any more different.  She's a runner, I'm a weight-lifter.  She's a vegetarian, and I eat meat 6x per day.  She's a workaholic, I'm unemployed..... you get the idea.  Jess' blog focusses mainly on vegetarian cooking with the odd post about her running and yoga endeavors; she has a sharp tongue and a quick wit, and has a real talent for blending creativity with practicality in the kitchen.

We've been batting around the concept of joining our blogs for quite some time now.  We thought it would be really interesting to have two people with similar values but different approaches weighing in on diets, recipes, and workouts.

Well, I'm happy to announce that our brain child has finally materialized - yes, we're creating a new blog!   I present to you: "Tess and Jess: Food, Fitness, and Friendship"

For the next little while I'll be posting almost exclusively on this new blog.  Not to worry, I will still be updating on my progress towards my next fitness competition!  This is simply a change of location.  I'm also hoping to broaden my writing topics to include more recipes, discussion of health-related articles and issues, and some fun anecdotes about my friendship with Jess, and how we keep each other grounded.   Think of all the extra reading material you're going to have!  And I just know you're going to love Jess as much as I do :)

I hope you'll come to this new site and follow along with me on yet another new adventure!  See ya there!



  1. yay looking forward to the new adventures :)

  2. I'll be following! Happy New Year!!

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