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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter/Work Blues

I've definitely fallen into that work rut this winter.... you know, the one where you sit at your desk ALL DAY and barely move.  In the spring and summer (and early fall) I would go outside every day for a long walk at lunch. And because my office is in such a sweet location, I would sometimes do some tanning too! 

But then the winter hit and it all went down the tubes.  When lunch rolls around I look out the window and shudder at the thought of spending anything more than 5 minutes in that blistering cold.  And on the days it's not -20, it's snowy and damp.  Now, from what I understand about normal human behaviour, this is actually a quite normal reaction lol. 

However, by not getting out for lunch, I now face the problem of sitting at my desk for 8 hours straight 5 days a week.  Muscles get tense, back gets sore, eyes go wonky, laziness sets in, and the boredom-induced munchies come on in full force!  Humans were not meant for this.  Not only that, but all those calories I was burning by walking at lunch (I'm a fast walker, so it was up to about 150 calories per day) aren't getting worked off anymore.

So here is my solution.  There are a few options open to me:
1) When I don't take a lunch, I can go home early and spend that extra hour doing something active at home.  Be it swimming, a yoga class, or extra cardio.  This isn't my favourite option because it means that I'm doing alot of activity in the morning, sitting for 8 hours, then doing a ton of activity again in the evening.  I'm looking for something more balanced.
2) Go to hot yoga during lunch.  There's a hot yoga studio close to where I work, so it'd be easy to go a few times per week.  The only problem here is that yoga is friggin' expensive!  This option will depend on money.
3) Suck it up and go for a walk.  Bring extra socks and heavy mitts, and just get out there.
4) Do activity in 15 minute chunks throughout the day.  There's a stairwell in my office that I could climb at lunch, and we have "quiet rooms" big enough to do some stretching and basic bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, and crunches. 

So I'm going to try to employ one of these alternative every day until it's nice enough to go out again. 

Have I mentioned I can't wait for spring? lol

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