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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amaaazing Workout

Wow, workout last night was sooooo good!  It was one of those workouts that makes you wanna puke; it hurt so good.... in a Mellencamp way (Glee fans will get this reference lol). 

I started a new program today where I'm doing Back & Shoulders together, twice a week.  The first workout of the week I'll be using heavy weights, drop sets, and supersets, and focussing on combination movements.  The second workout will be more of a "pump up" where I'll decrease my rest between sets, increase the reps, and focus on the smaller muscles with isolation movements.  Last night was the first one, and Ho.Ly.Cow.  It was a quick one because of the giant sets, but it was definitely intense.  I've found that I've been kind of slacking in the intensity department lately (one of the drawbacks to not having a trainer to push you) but not this time - the workout was intense by its very nature. 

Warm up: Lat pulldowns and Arnie Presses
Superset #1: Pullups, Shoulder Presses, T-bar Rows (3 sets; last was a drop set)
Superset #2: Reverse-grip Chinups, Upright Rows, Lateral Raises (3 sets; last was a drop set)
Superset #3: Low Cable Row, Reverse Dumbell Flyes, Hyperextensions (3 sets; last was a drop set)

I then hopped on an elliptical machine for my 25mins of cardio and again gave it everything I had (I think I freaked out the guy beside me with my heavy breathing and grunting lol). 

I definitely felt that I'd left it all on the gym floor once I was done, and that's such a great feeling!  There's no room for self-pity, or excuses, or doubt when you have workouts like that.  It's such an empowering, character-building feeling.  Like you're well on your way to achieving everything you want in life, and nothing can stop you!

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  1. Woman, you make me tired just reading that hahaha Glad to see you're still kicking butt!