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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Day in the Life Of....

For anyone curious as to the lifestyle, here is what a typical day looks like for me:

5:30am - Wake up, put on my runners, brush my teeth (can't stand doing cardio with plaque lol)
5:45 - 45 mins of cardio at moderate intensity (recumbent bike, elliptical, treadmill, or a run if it's nice out).  Finish up with a bit of stretching
6:45 - Meal #1:  plain oatmeal, egg white omelet with veggies, and water or green tea.  While I make breakfast I'm also running around getting ready for work
7:30 - EAT said breakfast!  Favourite meal of the day.
7:50 - Go to work for 8am.  Savour life-saving coffee on bus
10:00 - Meal #2: whey protein and EFA's.  Get up and stretch. Finish drinking 1L of water.
12:00 - Meal #3: chicken, veggies, and rice or sweet potatoes.  1L water. 
12:30 - Either stretch or go for a walk
2:00 - Stretch again.  By this time in the day, my back is getting very angry with me for having a desk job!
3:00 - Meal #4: tilapia, EFA's.  1L water.
4:00 - Done work!  Jump on the bus and head straight to the gym.
4:30 - Weight training
5:30 - More cardio!  25 minutes of intervals following every weight session
6:00 - Stretch and drink post-workout shake.... feels so good :)
6:30 - Meal #5: salmon and spinach
7:30 - Walk the dog.  By this time I'm starting to slow down and I'm wondering whether the dog really NEEDS to be walked.  But, alas, he needs his exercise too.
8:00 - Meal #6: egg, tea. Prep lunch for tomorrow (cook meat, chop veggies, weigh and measure everything)
8:30- Veg in front of the boob tube.
10:30pm - Goodnight world!

As you can see, it's pretty regimented lol.  I doubt everybody is as "scheduled" as this, but I find it helps me to make sure I'm doing everything I need to do. 

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