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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Progress: 2 weeks out

Holy shiza!  Is it just 2 weeks away already?  Why did I ever complain about 10 or even 17 weeks being too long a wait?

Here are the progress pictures from today.  As a bonus, I've also decided to let you all see my finished Figure posing suit!  I'm so happy with it.  I think the colours look great on me, and it's very unique.  It's been a lot of fun to have an idea and see it come to life.  Thanks to my sisters who helped me brainstorm designs, and Joan who made it happen :D

I am, however, going to keep my Fitness suit a secret.  Hey, I've gotta keep ya coming back somehow!


  1. youre looking fabulous! keep it up two weeks left whoo!

  2. great progess!!!!!!
    love the suit!
    cant wait to see fitness!
    hang in there now,2 weeks left!!!!