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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4/11 Days Out

I apologize in advance if there are any typos or nonsensical sentences in this post.  I've been low carb the last couple days and it's definitely been showing!  Today I forgot my keys twice - once on my way out the door (got all the way to the lobby of the building before realizing I hadn't locked the door), then again at the gym, along with my sun glasses.  I had gone grocery shopping after my workout and got all the way home (on foot, by the way, carrying a backpack of food and 2x 4L jugs of water) when I realized I couldn't get into my apartment.  DOH!  Yesterday I met up with Tanya for a visit and thank goodness she knows me well, because I'm pretty sure I wasn't even completing my thoughts at some points lol.

On the bright side, lookie what I got!  This is basically my diet: tilapia, green vegetables, and quinoa puffs.  I may complain about being low-carb, but I've been eating so many veggies!!!  About 24oz throughout the day.  Hmmm, which one will I start with today.....?  Maybe the kale.

So to go back to yesterday, it was..... interesting.  I started my Water Shed pills and, as I mentioned, was on very low carbs.  Towards the middle of the day I got really tired and foggy, but at the time just chalked it up to having a busy morning.  But then in the evening I started experiencing horrible shakes, dizziness, and got really really sweaty!  It happened a couple times, each "episode" lasting about 30 minutes, and going away after I ate something.  I emailed Jay and asked if it might be the Water Shed pills, but he said that it was actually because of low blood sugar.  So I Googled "hypoglycemia" and wouldn'cha ya know it, I had all of the symptoms associated with a  hypoglycemic attack!  Makes sense then why I would feel better after eating.  Unfortunately there's not much I can do about it.... just gotta stick it out.  And I've been told to eat a bit of quinoa puffs if it becomes unbearable.  So that was an interesting little bodily experiment lol.  Can't say I've ever experienced that before!

ANYWAYS, moving along to what you're more interested in: progress pictures!  

I don't see any changes since yesterday, though the scale does read 1.5lbs lighter again.  I don't know where it's coming off, but no complaints here!

Every day has been a bit different so far, so I'm interested to see what today brings....

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  1. yeeeee! yes,i see the changes-more detail work showing through!
    4 days left!
    you got this!