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Thursday, October 20, 2011

9/16 Days Out!

I don't know what came over me this morning, but I was a cardio FIEND this morning!  Maybe it's because I slept well, or because I've been "regular" this whole week (BIG smiles!!!), or because I've dropped 1.5lbs in 2 days, or the fact that I'm mere days away from starting Peak Week.... no matter.  There've been some noticeable changes in my body this week, and that makes me happy.  That makes me energized!

I think the biggest changes started happening for me a couple weeks ago when I made the decision to change my attitude.  I was discouraged for quite a while that I wouldn't be coming in as lean as I was last year (I'm sure you're sick of me complaining about that by now).  But, when I met with Jay over Thanksgiving break he was very confident that we could make it work, and said that he actually thought I was too little last year.  Then John rationalized that I would still gain valuable experience by going through the motions of competing (water depletion, tanning, learning what and when to eat, being on-stage, perfecting my "look", etc.).  So I decided that I DO deserve to be up on that stage just as much as anybody else, because I HAVE been working my butt off for this.  I may not be shredded, but I still look gooooood!  I didn't win last year, so I'm purposely bringing a curvier, more muscular, sexier package to the stage this year and we'll see if the judges like this look better.

I've found that ever since I started thinking that way, my energy has been higher and my focus has been more intense.  You hear all the time that this is a mental sport, and I really couldn't agree more.  So needless to say I am getting PUMPED for these shows!!!


  1. full steam ahead chica!!! your gonna rrock out these next 9 days just how your gonna rock that stage!!!
    *with pure awesomeness*

  2. YOU are amazing! You certainly do deserve being up there! SO looking forward to seeing pics and hearing more about the journey!