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Friday, October 21, 2011

8/15 Days Out!

Alright, new diet started today.  Here's what we've got:

Meal 1 - Fibre One, Egg whites, and Coffee 
Got me some paprika on my eggs, stevia and cinnamon on my Fibre 1, and nothing in the coffee ;)

Meal 2 - Veal, Quinoa puffs, and Cucumber
I hadn't had veal in forever!  The quinoa puffs are in a cup because we ran out of bowls :P

 Meal 3 - Tilapia and green veggies
Some day soon I'll be able to put BUTTER on my brussels sprouts..... yummy!

 Meal 4 - Veal, Cucumber, and Asparagus
This is why I usually use small plates - the veal looks so tiny here and it makes me hungry just looking at it :(

Meal 5 - Tilapia and Macadamia Nut Oil
Yup, straight oil.  It's actually not as bad as you'd think lol.
According to my calculations, it's about 985 calories; 50% Protein, 21% Carbs, 29% Fats.  Aside from a multi-vitamin, all my other crazy vitamins are gone, which should make it much easier to remember what to take when! lol

Workouts stay the same except that I'm doing two sets of everything as opposed to the regular 4, 5, 10, etc.

In other news, I went shopping yesterday for some stage bling (earrings, bracelet, and ring.... no necklace though, as it covers too much of the chest).  I'll say it now: being picky AND cheap make for difficult shopping!  If it was the right colour, then it wasn't the right metal; if it was the right design, then it wasn't the right price.  I had this idea in my head of exactly what I wanted and was so frustrated that I just couldn't find it.  In the end I bought a couple different options; the good thing about doing two shows is that I can try both!  Most importantly though, they're things I'd wear even after the show, so it doesn't feel as though I've just thrown away my money.  Dang, competing is expensive!  Why don't the guys have to shell out this much money??

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  1. Hey girl, just wanted to let you know... the Prep H I think worked like magic. I felt leaner than ever the next morning. I am sure it took inches off my body! Wasn't easy on my tan though, that was the only downfall. I had to basically shower and re-apply but it was worth it.