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Monday, October 24, 2011

5/12 Days Out!

Woke up this morning another pound lighter.... wait a second.... *rub my eyes*.... nope, that's right - another pound since yesterday.  This is friggin' awesome lol!  I definitely saw some changes in the mirror too:

Sodium and aspartame are officially out of the diet, and I'm supposed to drink between 6-8L of distilled water (though I could easily drink 9).

Now, I'm just going to quickly rant about something if you don't mind, and people who know me well have heard me rant about it before.  If the weight you're using is too heavy to lift with proper form, then use a lighter weight!  And along those same lines, if you don't know how to do an exercise, don't do it!  There was a man who came into the gym the other day, all decked out in his workout wear (lifting gloves and all) and proceeded to do every single exercise wrong.  I hate to generalize, but it seems like men are especially bad for this because they want to seem impressive by using heavy weights.  Or novices who want to look as though they're experts.  Well, newsflash!  You don't look strong, you look silly!  Particularly to everybody who does actually know what they're doing.  So if you think you may be one of these people, please please please, for you own SAFETY, go ask a trainer to show you how to do the exercise or look it up on-line (at a trusted source like Bodybuilding.com) and lighten up!  There's no shame in starting light - we all had to start somewhere.

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  1. wow!!!! so much change in just a couple days!!!