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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3/10 Days Out!

I need to stop looking at what fitness bloggers call "food porn".  Specifically, the naughtiness on http://cookiesandcups.com/ and http://ohsheglows.com/.  Some days it doesn't phase me at all to see all those fresh, delicious looking meals, knowing that someone somewhere in a magical (read: normal) place are actually getting to enjoy what I'm fantasizing about, hunched over my keyboard and face thisclose to the drool-covered monitor.....

Nope, some days it doesn't phase me at all.  But I would say the majority of my days are the "other" kinds of days.

Also, is there anything better than the smell of freshly baked bread?  I think not.

Moving on.

I woke up to a bit more weight loss this morning, and I can definitely see some more definition in my abs.  The only thing I didn't like about this picture is how little my side delts look.  I think that my shoulders are one of my best - if not THE best - body parts (abs come in a close second), so I'd love to see just a little more size on them.  Hopefully by the time I shed water the extra definition will really make them pop.

Today is my last workout (woot woot!), at least until next week when I do this all over again (DOH!).  The tanning process will begin today as well, and carbs are getting increased tomorrow.  I've purchased all of my show-day supplies, so I can basically just focus on myself and polishing up the next few days :)

Finally, just a quick shout-out to John who's been putting up with my crankiness/fatigue/moodiness the last few days, and for holding down the fort at home.  Thank you hun, love you! xox


  1. I love seeing these updates! Good luck on the weekend, I'll be thinking of you!


  2. Hey Tess,

    You look great. All your hard work has paid off for sure. Good luck !



  3. What competition will you be at? You are looking amazing! Best of luck!

  4. You look amazing! I can totally see the differences this week! go girl!


  5. yay! im seeing the changes!
    your awesome!!!
    and omg,fresh baked bread...
    gah,i so canot wait until this weekend so i can take a step in "normal" and eat bread and drink a frappacino,and have subway and a bowl of cereal...oh and chocolate chip cookies....