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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seafood Corn Chowder

Have I mentioned that I love Clean Eating Magazine?  I was craving seafood, but wanted something more exciting than baked tilapia (I'm all tilapia-d out!) so turned to my favourite recipe resource for help.  I was not disappointed by this recipe.  Not pictured are the little corn muffins I made to accompany the meal.  John usually assumes the role of corn-bread maker, being that he is from the south (Florida).  But today I gave it a shot, and added some jalapeno peppers, corn (you'd think corn break already includes this, but it does not), and grated cheese.  Turned out perfectly!

Before: Hopefully the print is large/clear enough to read.
After: I added cheese to my finished product :P

In other news, I got a massage today for the first time in years, and man did it feel good.  Alot of athletes incorporate massage therapy into their training/recovery plan, and I can certainly see why.  I just got a regular deep tissue swedish massage today, but I think I'd like to try acupuncture/massage the next time.  Does anybody have any experiences with acupuncture they'd like to share?

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