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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Le Sick Le Sucks!

I woke up today with that familiar feeling: a tingle in my throat felt when I swallow which is always always my first indication of a cold/sickness/infection coming on.

My sensei always told me that the best thing to do to a cold is to sweat it out.... so sweat I do.  Upon my realization, I headed straight downstairs for some cardio.

Exercise is fantastic for the immune system.  Going to a gym can be risky because of all the germs floating around (seriously, how often do you think those dumbbells get cleaned?).  But I personally found a marked difference in the number of times I got sick in a year when I started exercising.  I used to get sick maybe 5-6 times, and now that number is down to 2-3 (one summer, and one winter cold).

If nothing else, it usually helps to clear the sinuses and headache, and distract your body from those muscle aches and pains.  I've known a few people who claim that the workouts they do when they're sick are amongst the best workouts they have.  You just push yourself a little bit harder to kick the hell out of that cold!!

So we'll see.  I took some Vitamin C today, hit the gym after work, ate at least 8 servings of fruit and vegetables, and made sure to get some sunlight.  I don't expect to cure this cold altogether, but hopefully all these efforts will help to minimize the damage.  

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