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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Security in Fitness

Blame it on the years of karate, or on having a protective-dad-of-six-daughters, but when out and about I am constantly trying to find escape routes and weapons.  This is especially true if I'm walking home alone at night, as I'm still slightly afraid of the dark :P  I check my shadows, search the area for weapons, look around for other people, and think of where I could run to if I were to be attacked.  Paranoid?  Sure.  But a single gal has got to protect herself!

In times like these, I am always comforted in knowing that my body will do whatever I ask of it, when I ask.  I can go from standing still to a full sprint in seconds, keep that pace for 4 minutes, then jog for another 60.  I have strength to lift a heavy object and throw or swing it.  I'm agile enough to maneuver around objects or people.  And my flexibility allows me to kick someone roughly my height directly in the head.  These are things about my body that are a given, and I know I can rely on.  

This is one of the many benefits of being in-shape: confidence in your body's abilities. And if there's any one good reason I can think of for someone to become physically active, or to push through to that next level of fitness, it would be for their safety.

Train hard, eat well.

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