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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New program

Woohoo!  Yesterday I started a whole new diet, workout, and supplementation plan.

During my last contest prep, I changed diets every month or so, and my workouts only changed 3 times in total;  Jason has already changed my diet 5 times, and workouts 4 times.  His theory is that the body is constantly changing, and we need to adapt our strategy based on how it's doing each week.  This is just fine by me!  I love the change as it keeps things fresh both physically and mentally.

I'll give you a little sneak peak of the diet:

Meal 1 - Egg whites & oat bran
And of course, black coffee.  Always coffee.....

Meal 2 - Chicken & puffed quinoa 
I can't believe I'd never heard of puffed quinoa before!  What a great breakfast cereal or baking tool it would make.  I had mine with some cinnamon and water.

Meal 3 - Tilapia & sweet potatoes
Do you like how I put everyhing on small plates to make it look bigger?  

Meal 4 - Chicken & asparagus
Oops, almost didn't make it in time!  That little splotch is mustard.

Meal 5 - Tilapia, green beans, and cucumber
Plus one huge glass of Perrier

Meal 6 - Egg whites & avocado
With some salt, pepper, chili flakes, and cilantro

The workouts are full-body, but with an obvious and intentional focus on my legs (specifically, my hamstrings and glutes - they need some work!!).  2 days on/1 day off.  More on this once I've done each workout.

Supplements are mostly the same as before, but with the addition of DIM (diindolylmethane) which, according to the internet, aids in immune system functions, has possible linkages to cancer prevention, and improves metabolism.  Should be interesting.

Happy Thursday everyone.... almost the long weekend!


  1. The food looks awesome! I bet you're happier for the more frequent changes in your plans now!

  2. The food looks great. Healthy, yet tasty!

  3. Amazing meals! I didn't know you were such a skilled photographer!! I love reading your blog entries...so excited to see the end result :)

  4. OMG what is the puffed Quinoa! and where can I get it!

    as doe DIM where did you purchase it? It was one thing I was thinking of starting as well.

    Do you like working out on your own? did you find working with a trainer more beneficial...Im thinking of making changes once my contract is up.....

  5. Puffed quinoa is basically just like puffed rice, but smaller. Tastes like Sugar Crisp cereal but without the sugar lol.

    I searched high and low for DIM and finally caved and bought it at Nutrition House for $40. Though the dosage is fairly low.

    I do like working out on my own actually! I mean, working out with a trainer there definitely had its advantages (someone to make adjustments to form, a spotter so you can lift heavy, and someone to really egg you on) but I've always been a pretty self-motivated person, so I don't find it detrimental not to have a trainer. Plus it means I can take my time a bit more :)

  6. I love these recipe!! :) thank you so much!

    xx Love from London

  7. Love right back at ya, London!