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Monday, July 25, 2011

Progress pics: 14 weeks out

Oops, last week I said I was 16 weeks out, but was in fact 15 weeks.  
Here's my pic from this morning:
14 weeks, 126 lbs

For fun, I thought I'd also post a picture of me at 14 weeks out this time last year.  

July 26th 2010.  14 weeks out, 122.5 lbs
Although I was nearly 4 lbs lighter then, I have more muscle and less fat this time around (look at those hips and upper legs!).  With the help of a body fat test, I estimate that I've put on about 5 lbs of muscle in the last year, which hopefully will translate well on-stage :)

In other news, (DISCLAIMER! If you are squeamish about bodily functions or are one of those guys who still believes women don't poop, stop reading now!!) I've been taking Metamucil the last few weeks to help me, er, get things moving again (going from 25+ grams of fibre per day to less than half that does have its consequences) but I've also been getting horrible acid reflux in the evenings!  I'm wondering if the two are correlated, or if it's just an unfortunate coincidence.  Has anybody out there ever taken a fibre supplement?  What do you recommend? 

Also, I've been getting up much earlier the last few days, and I'm happy to report it's going well!  I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy mornings :)  


  1. Switch the Metamucil for 1-2tbs of freshly ground flax seeds in the AM. Happy to have you blogging, this is an excellent idea!

  2. Benefiber is also good! But you have to drink ++++ water or it has adverse affects

  3. I've actually tried benefibre, but wasn't having great results. Though I wasn't drinking tons of water.... Thanks for the tip, Amanda!

  4. yes! I take natural Psyllium Fibre and mix it in with my BCAAs in the AM

    you can can it at nutrition house etc....its not tasty on its own and gets thick quick so I gulp it down.

  5. oh yes and Flax in my coffee really helped.

  6. Flax in coffee....? Does that taste weird?