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Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress pics: 16 weeks out

Well, I've been officially training for 7 weeks now so it's probably time I posted some progress pics!!

My heaviest weight was 140lbs, but I managed to lose 2lbs before starting on with Pro Revolution (www.prorevolution.com) on May 23rd.

Here is me at 23 weeks out, and 138 lbs
22 weeks out and 135 lbs
21 weeks, 133 lbs

19 weeks and still 133 lbs 
18 weeks, 130 lbs

17 weeks, 128 lbs

Today, at 16 weeks and 127 lbs

So 11 lbs in 8 weeks..... not too shabby.  I'd like some more, but I have to keep reminding myself that 11 lbs on a fit and small frame (I'm 5'4") is still significant.  Already my abs are looking much better than last year (I only started seeing them at 10 weeks out), and apparently my photo-taking skills have greatly improved since May lol.  I've also learned that applying some baby oil before taking my pics helps me to see the definition in my muscles better, much like on-stage ;)  Can't wait to see what the next couple weeks bring!

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