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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Travel + Yoga

So you may recall that I was going on vacation with my family at the end of August.  Well, I'm back now and it was WONDERFUL!  I had no idea Hawaii was so diverse in landscape!  And BC, wow, I kinda want to live there now.  

More details about my trip in future posts, but for now I wanted to share some yoga pictures my sisters and I took while vacationing.  I have the most beautiful sisters, and we were in the most beautiful places.  I think you'll agree that these pictures are total eye candy - enjoy!

Tree pose



Mountain pose

Warrior Two

Dancer pose

Twisting Prayer pose

Seated spinal twist

Shoulder stand

Sun salutation

Star pose

Revolved Triangle pose

Bridge pose

Crow pose

Lying spinal twist

Upward Dog
Downward Dog

Pigeon pose

Child's pose

1 comment:

  1. OMG awesome!!!!
    Looks like there was more than one spiritual experience on that trip