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Friday, September 23, 2011

I need to do a WORKOUT post!

I realized today that I haven't done a post about my workouts for quite a while now!  Sometimes it seems like I get so caught up in the bells and whistles of this competition that I lose sight of my roots: working out.

A few people have approached me lately and told me they wish they had my determination and drive.  While I am definitely flattered by this, I also can't take too much credit because honestly, I love going to the  gym - I love going to play with the "big boys" in the weight section, and actually knowing what I'm doing; I like trying new techniques and equipment;  I like lifting weights and see them become progressively heavier; and with the exception of heavy leg days, I generally look forward to working out.  So to go every day is really not a big deal to me, just as going to work at a job you love isn't difficult for you either!

So with that in mind, here's a rundown on what I've been doing at the gym lately:
Db = Dumbbell
Sets x Reps (ex. 3x12 means 3 sets of 12 reps)
Failure = can't do any more!

Day 1 - Legs 
Squat 10X10 
Leg press 5x12-15 
Leg curls 5x12-15 
One legged press 5x25-50 
Calf raises 5x15-25 
Shock set 
Leg press 4x failure (65-75 % max strength) 
Leg curls 2x failure 
Leg extensions 2x failure 
Calf raises 2x failure 
Day 2 - Chest
Bench press 10x10 
Db incline press 6x6 (heavy) 
Incline flys 5x5 (heavy) 
Incline db curls 4x12-15 
Concentration curls 3x15-25 
Machine preacher curls 3x12-15 
Shock set 
Standing hammer curls with EZ bar 3x21 
Lying leg raises 4x failure
Crunches 4x failure 

Day 3 - Abs 

Crunches 4x failure 
Rope crunches 4x failure

Day 4 - Metabolic Workout  
*Complete 20 reps each for 1 Giant set, rest, and repeat for 5 sets.
*Warmup: 10 minutes skipping
Lat pull down  
Cable row 
Leg press 
Leg extension 
Shoulder press 
Side lateral raise 
Hamstring curl 
Hanging leg raise 
Weighted ab crunch
Skipping (3 min)

Day 5 - Shoulders
Db shoulder press 10x10 
Db side laterals 6x6 (heavy) 
Front db laterals 5x12-15 
Db side laterals 4x12-15 
Upright rows 6x6 (heavy) 
Tricep push downs 4x12-15 
U-handle reverse push downs 4x12-15 
Db close grip press 4x failure (heavy) 

Day 6 - Back
Bent over rows 10x10 
Straight bar pull-overs 6x6 
Dumbbell rows 6x6 
Cable rows 4x12-15 
Hammer high rows 4x12-15 
Shock set 
Bent over rows 2x failure 
Rope crunches 5x failure 
Day 7 - 35 min cardio 
Day 8 - Metabolic Workout

Day 9 - Rest

*60 minutes cardio every morning on an empty stomach
*40 minutes cardio following each workout
*Yoga 1x per week
*Stretching every day 10-15 minutes

So there you have it - that's what my body's been doing the past few weeks, and will be doing for a couple weeks to come.

I hope you're all having as much FUN (yes, I said FUN!) with your fitness :)


  1. WOW This is the craziest most intense workout I have ever seen! HOW DO YOU DO IT??? You are a machine Tess...keep going!! xo

  2. heeeheeee,i likey likey!!!!!
    5 more weeks girl!!!!
    keep up your crazy good hard work!!!!!!

  3. Awesome Tess! I have actually be having so much fun with my fitness/workout schedule in the past month!! Just need to work a bit harder on my diet.. I set myself back a bit but I'm working on it.

    Love watching your progress! xx --Clare