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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Post-Comp "Wish List"

I made a deal with myself that instead of cheating on my diet during this prep, I would write down the name/type of food I was craving and wait until after the show to eat it.

I had this same approach last year, and while it did work to help keep my mind off food cravings, I also went a little too crazy by eating about 80% of my "wish list" food within the first 3 weeks of being off the diet.  Not only that, but a lot of the food I'd written down was real junk food.  Needless to say, I ballooned!

What was strange was that I haven't been a big junk food eater in years.  Oh sure, I indulge occasionally, but ever since I've learned about the effects of food on our bodies, I've cut out deep fried and greasy food completely, made the permanent switch to whole wheat everything, reduced the amount of packaged food I buy and eat by about 75%, and cut back on sweets as much as possible (not sure if I ever could give up chocolate).  And yet, there I was chowing down on all that stuff (and then some) at least once per day.  It was weird, and now that I think of it, it was painful too.

This time my cravings are still indulgent (by a dieter's standards) but are much simpler and healthier.  My "Wish List" for post-comp foods are:

Honey.  Honey in tea, on cereal, with peanut butter, in baked foods....

Kashi Go Lean protein cereal, with almond milk and strawberries.

Dried dates.  Oooh, my local HFS (health food store) has the freshest, softest, most delicious dates I've ever had.  I could eat a whole handful, but I'd be happy with even just one.

A really awesome trail mix.  I make THE BEST trail mix you've ever tried.  Seriously, I'm not being modest here.  Partially because I'm not afraid to mix textures and tastes.  I love going to the bulk section of the HFS and getting a little bit of everything then mixing it all up.  Some yogurt almonds, dried cherries and papaya, coffee beans, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and maybe some of that Kashi cereal.

A sandwich with swiss cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo, mustard (surprise me), spicy eggplant, bell peppers, and grilled zucchini on a 9 grain bun, grilled.  Yummmmm.
Sushi.  But that's a given.

One of my classic B.A.S's (Big A** Salad).  I have all but given up on ordering salads from restaurants because they're always so boring!  "Oh, some iceberg lettuce..... how creative.  And cucumbers, that's a first.  And what's this?  A soggy tomato?  Lovely."  YUCK!  And you want me to pay $15 for that?  I have a "kitchen sink" approach to building salads that involves using whatever leftovers I can find in the fridge, again combining different flavors such as sweet, spicy, and salty, and making sure to incorporate an ingredient from every color of the rainbow.  The end result is beautiful, and always delicious.

This soup (Oh She Glows): Creamy tomato, onion and garlic coconut

Veggie burger (Oh She Glows).  Yes, I do usually love me a big beefy burger, but lately my diet consists mostly of meat and very few vegetables.  The result is an undeniable NEED for GREEN!
 And of course, it just wouldn't be me if I wasn't craving something sweet.  Believe it or not, I've been searching high and low for a dessert that really speaks to me (I'm a sugar ADDICT!) and have come up short.  The only one that has kind of appealed to me has been this one.
White chocolate sweet potato cake (Martha Stewart)

I've also got about 3 issues of Clean Eating Magazine stockpiled and earmarked, ready to go for when I'm done.  

35 Days, 35 days, 35 days......


  1. i really laughed out loud on this one,because i kid you not,just 2 hours ago my son was helping me make my "wish list" of post comp treats! (cereal!gummi bears! grilled ham and cheeses!)
    yup the days are now 34....
    but whos counting????????

  2. I love Clean Eating magazine!! I wish I had more time to experiment with more of the recipes! I had a tough time with my post-comp, it took me a few weeks to get it under control. It was my first one, though. I hope to do better this next time!

  3. AAAAHHH I am soooo excited for you
    less than a month to go! whoo :)