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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Posing Suit Brainstorm

I had my first appointment with Joan of Daydreams Fitness Wear today to design my posing suits :)  I have worked with Joan three times now, and both times before this she would ask me "do you have anything in mind for your suits?" and I would reply "uh, no.... whatever you think is good?"  Well, third time's a charm I guess, because I went in today with not only some ideas but some sketches of suits I'd conjured up (with the help of my talented and creative sisters).  I had two themes: volcano and tree.

Me, contemplating the sun rise over Haleakela (dormant volcano) in Maui

My sister, Rachel, and I got matching tree tattoos while in BC

I was so inspired by the volcano we visited in Hawaii that I just had to incorporate it somehow into this competition.  And of course, being the tree-hugging fanatic that I am, I also wanted to include them too.  My sisters and I brainstormed ideas while we were on vacation.  Here's the culmination of what we came up with:

You can't see it here, but I actually even went over some of these images with glitter glue!!  John said I looked like a kid doing art homework.

Some of these colors are a bit more vibrant than is intended, but I had limited crayons :)
So many options.....
.....it's like picking a favorite dessert: Impossible! 

I've decided to wear my hair red for the show so I used autumnal colors for the trees; that way my hair will match both suits.

Now, I'm not going to tell you which two we decided to go with (1 figure, 1 fitness model), but I can assure you they're going to look original and AMAZING!   Joan is a talented lady.  I'm so excited to see my brainchildren materialize :)

For any newbies out there who are trying to decide whether to order your suits online or get them custom made, I highly recommend the latter.  Assuming your suit-maker is someone as awesome as Joan, the prices will be more than comparable (I've seen used suits online go for $900.  I can tell you right now that I've paid less than half of that.).  You will also ensure a perfect fit for your body - considerations being made for your "strong" and "weak" body parts.  And finally, you will have some creative input into the design of the suit you will need to ROCK onstage.  I believe that it's easier to feel confident (and thus exude more confidence) when you really love what you're wearing.  

Anyone who's interested in checking out Joan's work, follow the link to her website and Facebook page below.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

Website ----> http://daydreamsfitnesswear.com/Site_2/Home.html
Facebook ---->https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daydreams-Fitness-Wear-and-Bikinis/112010875486952?ref=ts

My next fitting is in two weeks; stay tuned for a (possible) sneak peak!


  1. yeeeee!how exciting!!!
    and look how creative you are with your ideas!!!!
    will be staying tuned!

  2. oh my goodness! you'll have to help me design my suits for show number two : )

    and I'll be back in the gym full force Monday.

    As for training....I won't be doing it with nick....just too expensive and I will still be paying it off for god knows how long.

    but....I am going to be working with someone online (i'll tell you more about it in person : ))

    As for tummy issues....you have no idea how much I miss my veggies and most of all my eggs. :(