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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

These blue and yellow purple pills

I am a walking pharmacy.

Seriously, what do you need - vitamins?  Energy boosters?  Sleeping aids?  Allergy pills?  Hormone therapy?

My one-stop-supplement-shop.  This is also my motivational wall.  Trophies, bikini, and pics (with notes and scribbles on areas of improvement) from last comp. 

The breakfast club
Sometimes I feel as though I could make an entire meal out of all my pills and supplements!

Now, I shouldn't complain because each and every supplement has a purpose and a place in my program.  Vitamins keep me healthy; BCAA's help my body recover after workouts;  Melatonin gives me the most lovely sleeps; and Metamucil keeps me regular!

But honestly, I can hardly wait for the day where all of my vitamins, minerals, and anything else my body needs comes from traditional, plain old, whole, natural (maybe organic), delicious FOOD!


  1. Ahhh It does feel weird to not be on any supplements right now, but good too for my body to be on a break!

    though....it makes me want to get into competition mode again...

  2. Do it!!! Aren't you curious to see what you could look like if you only knew then what you know now? Well, there's a way.... compete again!!!!

  3. I'm thinking April! : ) I don't think I can give up wine just yet :)