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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pain in the a**

..... literally!!

Well, I've come to the end of my butt-kicking two week program.  I knew within the first 2 exercises on the first day that it was going to be a rough couple of weeks.  I've experienced stiffness, soreness, tightness, fatigue, discomfort, and any other pain-related synonym in my legs and gluteus, but in a sick way, I've been loving it.  As much as I complain about being sore and stiff, I would rather feel that than nothing at all, because then I know that I've worked hard and results are just around the corner.  Mind you, if you were to ask me how I was feeling halfway through one of these workouts, I would probably give you a glare, flare of the nostrils, and walk away murmuring curses.

Here's what I've been doing to my legs the past two weeks:

Day 1
-Weighted Hip Thrusts (to fatigue)
-Forward Falls (to fatigue)
-Single Leg Press (20 reps per leg)
-Cable Kickback (20 reps per leg)

Day 2
-Squats (15 reps)
-Hamstring Curls (20 reps)
-Lunges (20 reps per leg)
-Weighted Hip Thrusts (to fatigue)
-Cable Kickbacks (20 reps per leg)

After both days are done, take a rest day (my "rest days" generally involve lots of walking and Hot Yoga), then start cycle anew.

**Sidenote: The only problem with these workout-related posts is that I don't have many pictures to show you!  I can't very well bring a camera into the gym with me, and even if I did it wouldn't be a pretty sight!  So I've attached links to videos wherever possible**

Weighted Hip Thrusts

Forward Falls
I'd never done these before so went ahead and Googled them.  Don't be fooled - they're much much much harder than they look.  Especially after doing hip thrusts!  Follow the link for an informative video http://freefitnessvideos.com/exercise_detail.php?exerciseID=118

Single Leg Press
I did this on the Incline Leg Press machine

Cable Kickback
Can also be done kneeling (with non-working leg) on a bench placed in front of the machine. 

So the end of this workout phase comes with both open arms and sore legs.  Though something tells me we're not done abusing them quite yet ;)


  1. I've never done weighted hip thrusts. OR Forward Falls...Perhaps once you're done prepping you can teach me how to do them?

  2. oh you just gave me some great ideas chica!!!
    havent done forward falls in years!!
    AND i got your comment on my post btw...
    coconut butter?
    oh do tell!!!
    im boring. all i take is a whey protien suppliment and about 5 weeks out from show day i start taking a fat burner(CHARGE by Labrada) in conjunction with green tea and pyruvate..
    really helps with an extra energy boost as well as help get that last little bit of stubborn bf% down...

  3. Nisara: I'll show you next time I see you at the gym! The falls can be tricky cuz you have to hook your feet onto something.

    Melissa: Sometimes boring is nice lol. It's awesome that you can get away with not taking too many supplements. Coconut butter is fabulous. It's solid in the jar, so has to be heated a bit to loosen it up, but once soft has the consistency of peanut butter (or any spread), and is just sweet enough to get the taste buds going. Amazing on toast, in oatmeal, smoothies.... Costs approximately $13 (Cdn) per jar at the health food store :)