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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tess and Tanya Date Day Extraordinaire

Today my oldest and bestest friend came over for a full day of fun :D  Tanya and I love doing lots of the same things - cooking, eating, walking, shopping, dancing, laughing, eating, getting dolled up, watching tv, doing yoga, eating..... and when you pack all of those activities into the same day, well, that's what we call a "Tess and Tanya Date Day Extraordinaire"!

She arrived early this morning (after I'd done my A.M. cardio, of course) and we headed right off to Forrest Yoga.
Off I go!
 We then headed to the mall and the market to do some shopping for necessities:


What do you think?  This lipstick is called Lady Danger by MAC.
 .... and food!  Thankfully I live just steps away from the Ottawa Byward Market.  The vendors are out all year, changing their products seasonally.  Both Tanya and I love to poke around and see what's out, and we're never disappointed.
The Ottawa Byward Market
Beautiful sight
We picked up some fish for dinner....

.... and stopped in at the bakery too.  Don't worry, I didn't indulge.  But do you see what I had to contend with??  

After we got back it was time for Cardio Round 2 for me, so out I went, and I dragged my dog, Zuhri, with me.
Don't be fooled by his innocent puppy eyes.  This dog comes up to my waist, weighs 100lbs (of pure muscle), and has the stamina of a horse.  He kept up juuuuuuust fine.

Zuhri, post-run.  What a wuss.

 At this point I desperately needed a little rest, so we did our nails and sipped tea :D

 Not long after though we were right back at 'er, cooking dinner for the boys (her hubby Dave, and John).

Oh, look who's up and begging.  Always hungry, that one. Takes after mamma!

Even company eats healthy at Chez Tess!  Straight from the pages of Clean Eating Magazine: Tilapia on a bed of greens with blueberries, garlic, and dill.  We served this up with some sweet potato fries.  I skipped the blueberries and fries, but it was still delicious!  See, simple is beautiful, not boring!

After dinner we wound down with a game of Phase 10, and some home-made Chocolate Banana Bread.  Again, from the pages of Clean Eating magazine.  

This luscious cake was made with applesauce, ground flaxseed, gluten-free flour, honey (no refined sugar), and egg whites.  If you wanted a completely refined-sugar free version, you could use carob chips instead of chocolate chips, or omit altogether.  I'm told it was very moist, and was apparently delicious since this is all that remains!!

And that's the kind of day it's been.  Miss you already hun xoxo

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  1. I just bought Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Recipe book and have to make some of the recipes in there.

    As for the lipstick....are you going for a red look? or coral look?

    a few MAc lipsticks I would suggest
    Mac Red
    Up The Amp

    but I still L.O.V.E. this colour.

    you have me craving banana bread....and making a batch is definitely an option...but since I live alone it could be dangerous....