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Monday, August 8, 2011

Progress pics: 12 weeks out

Ok, 12 weeks out.  Now the fun really begins!  I'm still only seeing slight changes in my body week-to-week, but I'm getting more comments/compliments from people (at the gym mostly) than usual, so I take that to mean I'm progressing.  

August 8th, 12 weeks out, 125 lbs.

Booya, look at that smooth booty! 

I have to admit that losing weight is kind of bittersweet.  On the one hand, I love being leaner and more cut, having all my clothes fit again, and like seeing that cellulite slowly melt away. On the other hand, I hate losing some of my "curves".  I really do love my booty when it's a bit bigger.  And it's totally unfair that I lose weight in my chest too.  I mean come on, I'm already a AA for cryin' out loud!  How is it possible to get even smaller than that??  Well, I'm not sure how it happens, but it does.  So that sucks too.

Random story: I had the worst dream last night that I was two weeks away from the competition and still hadn't organized my posing suits!  I was happy to wake up and realize I in fact still have 12 weeks, but it did make me think that I should probably get on that ASAP.


  1. hi!just stumbled across your blog!
    i am 12 weeks out also from a show!
    looks like we will be in prep together!
    heres to a productive and fast 12 weeks with lots of progress!!!!
    (looking GREAT btw!)

  2. Melissa, so happy to meet someone else at the same point on their journey! How are you doing so far? Which show are you competing in?

  3. T you look fabulous! I dropped A LOT of wieght in the chest area...went from a D to a small B...though happy to say I am now a large C. lol
    It sucks like crazy and I feel you need to have 3 or 4 different wardrobes for all the stages in between.

    I refuse to wear pants...Ive learned dresses and skirts work best for me...I have a pretty big booty too....my hips and far larger than my waist.

    Gah Im loving this I love the progress pics and If only my booty looked like that 12 weeks out : P