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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reaching my weight (gain) limit

Ok, ok.  I admit I got a little side-tracked there for a while.  After deciding not to do the show in May, I went a little crazy with the food, and a little lazy with the workouts.  Now, I'm not someone who can go on an all-out fast-food binge-fest for days at a time, but I'll stop monitoring my portion sizes, and throw in some unhealthy meals a couple times per week.  I'll never stop going to the gym or doing activity altogether, but I'll scale it back to the bare minimum (2-3 days cardio, 2 workouts).  While I may not be eating as poorly as some people, and still working out more than most, it's all relative.  Eating desserts 3x a week is more than I'm used to, and 2 weight workouts per week is less than half of what I've been doing for the last 3 years. As an inevitable result, my body has rebounded..... hard!  I gained back all the weight I'd lost for the comp, and then added an EXTRA 10LBS!  Granted, some of that will be muscle (I've been lifting fairly heavy for the last 6 months), but not 10lbs worth :S

I'm a very self-motivated person when it comes to my health, but I think even the best of us lose our focus or drive (our mojo) every once in a while.  I'm not going to look at this as a failure, but rather as a lesson to be learned for next time: go easy on the sweets, keep food simple, and don't neglect the cardio.

So now, the party is over.  I feel great (lots of energy, good sex drive, confident, and I've finally got clevage!), but none of my pants are fitting, and it's getting a little frustrating!  lol There has to be a point where you say to yourself "alright, that's enough" and make the decision to either stop gaining, or start losing, and I've reached my limit.  I feel that any weight gained beyond this will put undue stress onto my body, and will start to make me look chubby (can't have that!).  As extra incentive, John and I are going on a cruise in 6 weeks and I want to look GOOOOOD in those Facebook pictures!  Therefore, I'm back to eating clean (like, super clean.  I mean, no-milk-in-my-coffee-clean) and working out twice per day.

Let's see how much I can get accomplished in the next 6 weeks, shall we? :D  Here is a pic of me, taken yesterday, at 140lbs.  I'm hoping to get down to at least 130lbs by June 11.  Check back next week for progress pics!

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